Our History

It is thanks to grandparents Giusto and Margherita Galli's intuition and determination that our big family business started.

In the distant 1956 the Galli couple decided to build a house right in the center of the village, with 4 apartments on the first floor, a bar on the ground floor and, next to it, a garage (as a matter of fact at that time motor transport was the main family business).
The bar was on the fork of a street and it was called "Bivio" which means fork in Italian. It soon became a meeting place both for native people and tourists... It was at that time that the first tourists had started to arrive in Livigno: their various requests, though still few, induced our grandparents, together with their 8 children (Giorgio, Severina, Gigi, Domenica, Pino, Elio and the twins, Teresina and Livio), to modify the building and turn the garage into a restaurant (the garage has been put in the basement – and it was completely diggen out by hand!).
In 1965 Giorgio, the first child, married the young Analdina and together with granny Margherita they started to run the Bivio Hotel which, in the meantime, had turned the apartments into hotel rooms.
That was a turning point in the family life because the couple was a perfect match, also professionally.
Giorgio had a strong practical instinct and a natural inclination for business; his mind was open to novelties (… the Bivio Hotel was one of the first hotels in the village to have a billiard table, a juke box, a colour TV, an electric machine to make dough, a microwave oven, a swimming pool, a sauna and a snowmobile ...!) Analdina was, and still is, full of energy, humble and hard working, but, most of all, she had a natural ability to take care of anybody who enters the hotel, passers-by, guests and staff.
So the two started to run the Bivio Hotel directly, trying to promptly answer the guests' various needs.
Every year, at the end of the tourist season, they started to improve the hotel: they added a bathroom to each bedroom, they innovated the external part and they changed all the furniture.
In 1972 they enlarged the kitchen and in 1980 they inaugurated our first swimming pool.
In the meantime the family grew... They had five children: Erio (1966), Monica (1967), Sara (1969), Maruska (1974) and little Thomas (1980).
Everybody gave their help in the running on the hotel and they quickly learned the art of hospitality from their mother Analdina and pragmatism from their father Giorgio.

Erio, among all, has inherited his father's business fantasy and suggested the first big renovation of the hotel in 1996.
The hotel rooms were completely modified as well as the bar; a restaurant, called "Cheseta veglia" and specialized in revisited typical dishes, was created on the ground floor and a country style disco-bar called "Kuhstall" was built in the basement. In 1999, a Dependance was added.

In the meantime, father Giorgio's dream started to come true: to give each of his children an activity that was just right for their abilities and gifts ....

So, in 2002, the Larice Hotel was bought and given to Monica, who loves interior design and good taste and who, being a mother, has very good organizing and welcoming capacities.
In December 2002 our father Giorgio left us leaving a big emptiness but also big memories in all of us: he had been and he remained an example for the life of each of his children.
In spite of the great loss, Analdina did not lose her determination, energy and industriousness and has continued to bend over backwords to help her children in the running of their activities.

In 2006 the Alegra Hotel was bought and it was given to Thomas and Maruska who, with their vitality, enthusiasm and cheerfulness quickly transformed it into a tourist reference point in Livigno.

In 2007 some apartments were modernized and given to Sara, who furnished them with taste and attention for details - to offer our guests a freer and more comfortable vacation

Taste for beautiful things and for novelties is the main characteristic in all the Galli children and, thanks to it, their activities have been improved both in their functionality and beauty.
In 2008 the Bivio Bar was completely trasformed, in 2011 the Larice Hotel was totally renovated, in 2012 the Bivio wellness center was completely refurbished and the "Kuhstall" was turned into the sparkling Bivio Club and Cantina Restaurant.

In November 2014 the Alpen Village adventure begins, after the acquisition and rebranding of the Hotel San Carlo in Livigno. The Alpen Village has been transformed over the years, first with interventions aimed at improving the common areas and making the structure more friendly and welcoming, then with the modernization of the rooms. The goal is to become an active and bike hotel, a reference point for amateurs and professionals who like to spend the summer at high altitude to train and challenge the most famous hairpin bends in Italy, as well as pamper families and guests with a rich and interesting program of activities, accompanied by the alpine guides Epi and Andrea. In April 2019, the expansion works of the structure begin with the creation of new common areas and a fabulous spa with panoramic swimming pool over Livigno. In December 2020 the works are finished and the facility opens to guests.

2018 sees the group go as far as Passo Eira with the management of the Alpino Lodge, an ideal destination for all skiers during the day and for dinners at high altitude. In a short time the rooms were renovated and the restaurant expanded with the creation of an outdoor terrace where quick lunches and fantastic aperitifs were served.

BivioLife Livigno is both a big family and a successful business: thanks to our parents, Giorgio and Analdina, to their fortitude and their authentic passion. Thanks to our guests, who trust us and depend upon us during their stay in Livigno. But also thanks to all those who worked and work with us with commitment, determination and generosity.

This is us! And we will be happy to have you among our guests...

The Galli family