Other winter sports

Mountain climbing and climbing on ice

For the lovers of the uncontaminated mountain we are always on the front line: the climbing excursions and tours are many and for the bravest climbers it is possible to organize climbing on waterfalls of ice - always accompanied by our competent and professional Alpine Guides

Snowshoes hikings

Snowshoes, called “drezole” in the local dialect, are the ancient way to walk in the woods or along the trails during winter time. Having made a come back for the lovers of wild nature and the silence in the mountains, they give you the opportunity of seeing somelonely animals along the itinerary…

Every week the Livigno Cross-country Skiing School organizes private or group walks to enter the most inaccessible areas of the valley to explore the most authentic mountain environment.
Every year the Tourist Information Office organizes the “Ciaspoleda”, a snowshoe race along different tracks.

Horse riding and Huskies

The animal lovers can enjoy themselves and with all their family taking ridiing lessons, going for walks on the snow or outings on a carriage - just like in the old times!! If you want a special day, you can experience a wonderful ride in the wood on a sled drawn by Huskies, as it is organized by the Husky Village.

Winter MTB

And for those who don't want to give up their favourite sport, not even in winter, there are MTB with snow tires to ride on difficult trails tested and recommended by our instructors and by the best bikers in Europe!

Snow, Ice and motors

For those who love motors and speed there is the Ghiacciodromo Ice Driving School with its driving on ice courses and speed races.

While speeding on a quad or a snowmobile you will be able to live the emotions of a high speed mountain.