Beauty Treatments

Hobe Pergh and Ivo Pitanguy

The Garden & Wellness Spa at Hotel Bivio of Livigno offers full body or localized massages of different types, body and facials treatments created by Carita Paris

Our beauty consultants will advise you on the ideal path to gain maximum benefits of treatments and to enjoy relaxing moments and wellness for body and mind in our wellness center.
Our consultants will assist and guide you in creating a customized package!


Carita Paris

Since 1951 “the sense of the avant-garde and the taste for what transcends all limits" characterize the Maison Carita. With Carita the protagonist of the treatment is customization, possible thanks to the diagnosis of the Maison Carita. This allows the creation of a special treatment for each type of skin, defining the expected benefits, the area to be treated and the duration.

Carita exploits the perfect balance between manual intelligence, complex formulations and sensitive devices to overcome the limits of cosmetics and offer visible results in any case as a result of tailor-made treatments. 

Anti-Aging Prevention by Carita Paris
Hidratation des Lagons - Hydration and luminosity - 60'
The lagoon water releases all the benefits of its extraordinary minerals in this deep moisturizing ritual. A real bath of freshness and well-being, the Gran Soin Visage Hydratation Des Lagons restores vitality to dull and tired skin, leaving it regenerated and intensely hydrated. The complexion wakes up and lights up with new energy your face.

Pureté poudrée by Carita Paris
Purifying and Mattifying - 60'
Designed to sublimate the youthfulness of the face, this treatment acts gently on the surface of mixed and oily skin, facilitating purification. An authentic ritual of rebalancing facial hydration that helps the skin to breathe and regain its balance. The complexion evens out and brightens, while the skin regains elasticity and density.

Douceur de coton
Smoothing and regenerating - 60'
To restore well-being to the most sensitive skin. This soothing moisturizing ritual reduces feelings of discomfort, giving the skin a more homogeneous appearance, resulting soft and supple.


Anti Ageing facial treatments by Carita Paris

Parfait 3 ors
Global Anti-ageing - 60'
An exceptional treatment that uses the active ingredients of the 3 Ors range to work with the precision of a goldsmith on every area of the face. It frees the skin from signs of fatigue and reveals its radiance.

Jeunesse Originelle
Firming and Lift - 60'
Thanks to its powerful and dynamic shaping action of the facial muscles, this treatment redesigns the contours and enhances the look. The contours of the face are redefined and skin without elasticity regains compactness and volume.


Anti-wrinkle and regenerating - 60'

This ultra-concentrated, multi-dimensional treatment helps to even out the texture of the skin through 3 complementary actions (dermo-restorative, plumping and regenerating). It transforms the skin by smoothing out irregularities and leaving the skin smooth, soft and velvety.

Specific treatment

Le soin regard

Anti-ageing eye area - 35'
A specific treatment to eliminate the signs of aging in a delicate area such as the eye contour. The imperfections are visibly smoothed, the swelling reduced and the eye area brighter.


Treatments by Höbe Pergh

All Höbe Pergh products are characterized by a synergy of active ingredients that defines the quality, defined by a precise selection of wild mountain herbs belonging to the Asiago Plateau.

The knowledge of the officinal, aromatic and alimurgic herbs of the territory allows Höbe Pergh to bring a quality experience and to discover the secrets to keep the beauty. All products also do not contain colorants, mineral oils, parabens, isothiazolinones or silicones.


Regenerating massage with brushes in vegetal bristles 60' 
The experienced manul skill of the operators and the light touch of the brushes ensure a revitalizing, regenerating and relaxing effect for your body. 

Decontracting back treatment 50' 
The hot hay's bag and the use of the relaxing extract and stretch the back's muscles. 

Hay bath 60' 
The brushing technique, followed by the application of the hot hay's bag and the film, has a purifying and relaxing effect on the whole body. 

Decontractiong legs treatment 50' 
Ideal treatment that relax stretches the leg's muscles after a physical effort, thanks to the hot hay's bag and the relaxing extract. 

Antistress treatment 75' 
The treatment ensures a total feeling of well-being and lightness thanks to the effects of the brushing technique, the hot hay's and the relaxing extract. 


Alpen Village spa - Treatments by Höbe Pergh

The Alpen Village spa offers body and face treatments designed by Hobe Pergh to solve some issues, such as skin aging to preserve the beauty of the skin and to maintain the charm and harmony of the person.

Facial treatments
Detoxifying 50'
The mask with mud of hay and clay eliminates impurities.

Detoxifying with Semplici 60'
The Semplici, bundle with hot hay, relax the muscle tension and have a detox effect. 

Multilevel hydrating 50'
An hydrating treatment that, thanks to the soft extract, makes the skin shiny and hydrated.

Body treatments
Detoxifying 70'
The hot hay bag on liver zone improves wellness and beauty of the body.

Anticellulite 70'
Thanks of natural products such as mud of fresh bandage, this treatments has draining effect and contributes to activate the circulation.

Combined body & face Treatments
Exfoliating 85'
Ideal for unclean skins.

Nutritional treatment 85'
The Spazzolatura, activity made with a natural brush, gives an incredible relax sensation for body and mind.

Special Treatments
Decontracting back 50'
The relax extract is ideal for muscles, neck and back.

Legs degrading 25'
Sweet and soft extract makes the legs lighter and operate against liquid retention.